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The history of Alpes Instrument

It all begins 7 years ago, at the foot of the majestic mountains of the French High Alps.

As a creator and passionate about beautiful vibrations, I started to design and make magical instruments with playful and intuitive games.

Working with regulatory tracings and sacred geometry, we create instruments of golden proportions as the ancient builders did in sacred places, making them vibrant objects that amplify vitality, energy and relaxation.

The precise tuning that we implement is calibrated on a reference A of 432 Hz.

We started this adventure with the making of the Magic Drums and afterwards, several new creations followed such as the Kotamo and its Vibratory Chair, the Tam Drums, the Native Flutes, the Cajons, the Kora and the Kalimbas ….

Multiple experiments conducted with thousands of people, as well as the testimonies of the many therapists who use our instruments, allow us today to confirm the innumerable positive effects that they provide.

Today, armed with a strong experience, located in the Forests of the Laurentians in Quebec, I have gathered a team of passionate craftsmen and we work, every day, to realize your magical instruments.

News for 2021

With our hearts filled with good intentions, we now want to sow our beautiful instruments in schools, but also in children’s hospitals, day care centers, as well as in the C.P.E. to accompany children on the path of Life with beautiful Vibrations…


Indeed, we believe that the future is in the hands of children and that we could offer them the possibility to learn, to share, to dream, with as allies the therapeutic vibrations that our instruments diffuse…

The Magic Drums


The first Magic Drums were made from recycled steel propane bottles. Over the years, we have selected manufactured steels in order to have the best vibratory quality.

Every steps of the production process are done manually by our craftsmen who put all their talent into making your tongue drums of a quality recognized by the amateurs.

The Magic Drums are available in 14 and 16 inches in diameter.  We have 4 ranges of games with different universes to discover and create unique atmospheres. They are often custom made for our customers. Indeed you can create your instrument as you wish, by choosing the range, the color, the drawing and we will make it for you.

Our latest models of Magic Drums, are designed to offer Binaural sounds that act directly in the brain through the double vibrations they emit.

They are the fruit of our numerous experiments in order to push further the limits of our work on Frequency, Vibration and its interactions with humans.

The School Series we have designed for 2021 is the culmination of years of research and development in the service of our children creating the World of Tomorrow. We have combined the Magic Drums with a thoughtful and educational design to provide the school team with language learning aids (alphabet, spelling, word and sentence construction) in math and science. The whole accompanied by 3 scales with beautiful and relaxing sounds.

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The Kotamo

What a wonderful instrument!!!  I never imagined when I made my first kotamo that it would be so magical, dreamy and bring such well-being.

A concentrate of beautiful vibrations with its 3 instruments on a single table:

7 strings of play compose the Japanese Koto

16 strings for the monochord on 2 octave levels

4 strings for the Indian Tambura


Each Kotamo is made with sacred proportions related to the Golden Number, carved from a piece of solid Red Cedar.

A gentle and completely intuitive game will transport you over the minutes of play into a state of deep relaxation, opening the mind to beautiful meditations.


The Therapeutic Chair

Born from a flash of creation inspired by the Whole, I invented the Therapeutic Chair quickly after the first Kotamo was made. The chair amplifies the effects of the Kotamo and provides a unique and extraordinary sensory experience.

The direct contact of the spine with the intense vibrations of the Kotamo, makes us live an experience that acts on different levels: energetic, physical and spiritual …

Used by many therapists in Europe and Quebec, the Therapeutic Chair is a great tool for doing good and relieving many ailments.  The testimonies gathered since the beginning of our work, as well as the numerous experiments carried out, bring us today the certainty of the action of the Vibration on the human being. We are still trying to understand some incredible mechanisms in action during a session with the Vibratory Chair… to be continued


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